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Month: August 2014

Daily Blast: August 29, 2014


Holy crap, you guys. Remember when I complained about the seeming lack of news earlier this week?

Apparently Thursday was the dumping grounds, as I have a LOT of stuff for you today.

In your week ending edition of the Daily Blast, get ready for…

  • Trailers for Oscar hopefuls!
  • A look at Pixar’s next short!
  • A scary action figure!
  • The Doctor’s new companion!
  • A poop joke to send us off!

Click through! Read! Take in! And enjoy!

Daily Blast: August 28, 2014


Almost there gang! It’s another Thursday as we head toward the end of the week – and with the dawn of the new day comes…a new DAILY BLAST!

In today’s edition of the Daily Blast:

  • A look at the lead of the new Pixar movie
  • Rivers Cuomo is getting a sitcom
  • Get ready for a King Arthur HEXOLOGY
  • Hello Kitty IS NOT a Cat
  • Arby’s wants you to die


Daily Blast: August 26, 2014


Hola! A very happy Tuesday to you! And we continue our week here with the most important of daily columns, the one and only Daily Blast, a distillation of all the nerdy news bits you may need to know!

On tap today: A spoliery new Guardians of the Galaxy toy, cats running a restaurant, JK Simmons yelling, and Amazon bought something that Google wanted.

All that and more – in today’s Daily Blast!

Daily Blast: August 25, 2014


Good morning and a happy Monday to you, dear reader!

I hope you had a great weekend! Evidently the entire world did, as it was a very quiet weekend for nerdy news, so – I’m sorry, but here’s a less stacked than usual Daily Blast for your Monday. I blame the Simpsons marathon.

I expect like, Episode VII to leak today or something, based on how quiet everything was. Never the less, enjoy, and read on.