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‘All-New X-Men’ To Get A Surprise New Teammate


Arguably one of the hottest book at Marvel Comics right now is All-New X-Men.

Written by superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man), the series has become a linchpin of his take over of the X-Men universe, and shockingly, he’s made the concept – a terrible on-paper idea of bringing the original X-Men to the present from the past – incredibly readable, and even enjoyable.  Simply put, it’s a great read every month.

Well, in the forthcoming issue #32, due out this September, Bendis is giving us quite the surprise.

The above cover was posted on his Tumblr just before the holiday weekend, with a brief note saying “this is real!”

For those unawares – the character in the center is Miles Morales. He’s currently Spider-Man in the “Ultimate” Marvel Universe, which serves as an alternate reality to the “proper” Marvel Universe, one with a different – and less bogged down – continuity.

Unless this is a swerve, this would mark the first time that Morales appears in the Marvel Universe proper.

By the way – got to love how they referenced a classic X-Men cover here…

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  1. JRS JRS May 28, 2014

    I’m really curious if this has anything to do with Peter Parker’s reaction to Googling Miles in Spider-Men just before Superior hit. Then again, that could also have something to do with whatever’s up with the new not-spider-man that they’ve been teasing in Amazing. But there also seems to be a big magnet around Peter Parker at the moment for alternate Spider-Heroes.

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