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It’s Batman…But BEFORE Batman: ‘Gotham’ Extended Trailer Hits The Web!

Speaking of TV series built off of massive franchises – Fox is ready to hype the Fall debut of the new TV series based in the Batman universe, Gotham.

The first look at the series premiered during 24: Live Another Day on Monday, and an extended version of this trailer has hit the web.

On paper, I very much love the idea of seeing a look at the Gotham Police Department as Commissioner Gordon rose up the ranks, dealing with mobsters and whatnot – but seeing a child Bruce Wayne, and an equally as young Catwoman and Poison Ivy in the mix, the choice feels short-sighted, if not shlocky.

Gotham‘s already received a full season pickup, so we’re going to see how this series play out either way, but I’m hoping we have more of an Arrow on our hands, than a Birds of Prey.