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Month: July 2012

Patton Oswalt’s Brilliant Keynote Address At Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival

Yesterday afternoon, comedian Patton Oswalt took the podium to provide the keynote address at the 2012 Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.  Over the past few years, comedians such as Lewis Black and Marc Maron have provided similar opening speeches to the show, with Maron’s in particular being a great moment where you have someone reinventing their career speaking of everything that came before him and the new road he was trailblazing.

How funny it is, then, that Patton took the direction he did for his speech.

Oswalt’s keynote is two letters. One to his fellow comedians. The other, to the “gatekeepers” of the world of entertainment.  He talks about how things have been, and how things are changing so much in the world of entertainment, and how now, more than ever, the ability to create great things are in the hands of the creators.

Whether you’re a comedian or any other type of creative, this is definitely something worth reading. I’ve included both letters in full beneath the cut. Enjoy, I sure as hell did.

Aurora by Hans Zimmer

It’s been one week since the tragic events in Aurora, Colorado, and as the healing has begun, people are looking to give back and help out how they can.

One such person is The Dark Knight Rises composer Hans Zimmer. In the wake what transpired, Zimmer decided to compose a new and unique piece in dedication to the victims and their families.

Titled “Aurora”, Zimmer has released it for sale for as little as 10 cents, with the proceeds going directly to the Aurora Victim Relief organization.

Should you be interested in donating and buying the track for yourself, you can visit the store online here, or use the easy embed posted below.

All purchases are done through the site Zimmer has set up, not through us at

Spoke Art Strikes Again With A Mel Brooks Double Feature!

You know, it’s funny, for all of the films that have received well-designed, screen-printed posters in the world of your Mondos and the like, the cult classic comedies from Mel Brooks have been quite ignored.

…until now.

Tonight, the Castro Theatre in San Francisco is hosting a double feature of two of Brooks’ best films, 1974’s Blazing Saddles and 1987’s Spaceballs.

In turn, they’ve commissioned artist Brandon Schaefer to create exclusive, limited run posters for each film, and they turned out great. Spaceballs appears at the top of the post, with Blazing Saddles below.

Each poster is an 18″x24″ print, limited to a run of 120. You’ll be able to buy the posters in person tonight, or you can grab them right now, here, online. It’s $40 each, or $60 for the set!



Over the years, there have been so many rumors about the return of Arrested Development that it’s been hard to believe that the series is actually returning, as sponsored by Netflix, for a fourth season.

I don’t know how much more official it can get than this, however.

Yesterday afternoon, straight from the producer and narrator of the show, we have our peak at a finished script for the premiere episode of Season 4, “Michael”.

Are you hype enough yet?

Arrested Development Season 4 premieres in 2013, exclusively on Netflix.


A New Armor For A New Threat: Hot Toys IRON MAN MARK VII

Given that the figure creating crazies at Hot Toys have created figures for Iron Man armors Mark I-VI, you just had to know that they’d be working on a 1:6 scale figure of the Mark VII armor seen in The Avengers.

Hot Toys has just revealed the figure, and as you’d expect, it’s wonderful, with some of the photos looking eerily like some of the CG renders from the film.  That said, it’s not without its flaws (the biceps look a little lean, and the Tony Stark head looks a bit odd), but that’s just nitpicking. If the rest of the Hot Toys figures are an A+, this would be an A-, and that’s still good.

No release date or price has been announced, but if other figures are any indication, expect to pay $200 for this one. Now, where’s an in-scale HULK?!  As always, a full gallery appears below.