The Appleseed Cast Opens The Doors

If I had to make the choice, I’d be so bold as to say that The Appleseed Cast is my favorite band of all time.

There’s just something about their wall of sound guitars, the way that Chris Crisci’s voice is lost in the mix, how each song takes you on an emotional journey that hones directly in on everything that I love about music.

That said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their latest project has me extremely excited.  As The Appleseed Cast works in the studio for their latest release (which, if it’s a full length, would be their eighth album, the first LP since 2009’s Sagarmatha), they’ve decided to show their hand a bit to fans, by gradually releasing demos of a new song during the creative process.

The first recording was released earlier today on Bandcamp, and as it’s very early, the track is untitled.

Here’s what they had to say.

This is the first time we played these ideas. The parts meld into each other as we explored ideas. The final arrangement has abreviated (sic) the part 2/3 through that kind of goes on forever, but other than that is very similar to this first exploration.

So, while you don’t have a finished song by any means, you are being given a raw view into the creative process of a very prolific indie rock band.  Personally, I’ve been listening to this on a loop, loving the peaks and valleys of the ideas put together, and I can’t wait to hear a more refined version.

You can check out the demo via the embed below.

Should you want to download it for your collection, it’s being offered in a “Pay What You Like” format, but there are only 200 free downloads available.  For a hardcore fan like me, I had to throw a little dough their way, but no matter what, I feel like you should check this out.

Let me know your thoughts, and I’ll try to update as they release a more polished version of this song!