TRANSFORMERS 3 Teaser Trailer. It Could Be Worse.

I think in my past reporting about the Michael Bay directed Transformers franchise, I’ve made it pretty darn clear that I’m not what you’d call a fan.

While the first movie wasn’t completely horrible in my eyes, the second was an absolutely laughable mess of cinema.

Granted, that sequel made a bajillion dollars worldwide.

So now, here we are, seven months away from the release of the third and (hopefully) final film in the trilogy, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Yes, the title is terrible, but last night the first teaser trailer was released for the movie, and I have to say, it’s vaguely effective.  I dare say, if I hadn’t seen the other two “movies”, it’d actually have me excited! Check it out.

Sure, the scale of the robot seems to be ever changing, and I had no idea that the inner machinations of transformers included gears in their eyes which spelled out a logo, but yeah, if that was the first teaser for the first film, I would’ve been excited! Infact, it’s kinda like the first teaser for the first film.

Also, which robot is that, anyway? Facially, he looks like a robotic Jack Sparrow, but we already know he’s tied up next summer.  I dare ask – is that Unicron?

But why speculate when I know it’s going to suck out loud.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits theaters in 3D on July 1, 2011.