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REAL STEEL Looks Completely Silly

Back in June, I posted the first image of the Hugh Jackman starring giant robot’s fighting flick Real Steel.

Today, Dreamworks has unleashed the first trailer for the movie, and…well, it looks cheesy as hell.

It almost had me for a few seconds, the giant robot lover in me drooling over the idea of robot based combat.

But then came the shot of Jackman training with the robot in front of a motel for some reason? And of course, the classic last line of a trailer – “BRING IT!”

I can see this being a 10 year olds dream and a parents nightmare.

Real Steel hits theaters on it’s way to HBO Saturday Afternoon infamy on October 7, 2011.

One Comment

  1. Rosie Rosie December 10, 2010

    “… the steel never stops.”


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