First Image From REAL STEEL

I had been hearing about the gestation of the movie Real Steel for some time now, but the first still from the flick arrived via USA Today uh…today, and I thought it worth sharing with ya’ll.

The idea of Real Steel is somewhat simple. A Futuristic Rocky tale, it stars Hugh Jackman as an unemployed fighter who reconnects with his estranged son when they work together to groom a junkyard robot named Atom as a champion in the World Robot Boxing league.

Or, in short, it’s Rock ‘Em Sock’Em Robots: The Movie.

Directed by Shawn Levy (Date Night), it’s produced by Steven Spielberg, who pushed for a mix of practical robots and CG for the fighting bots.  That right there is the bit that should get you excited, as there’s nothing quite like real robots on screen, no matter how great the CGI is.

It’s supposed to be one of the more anticipated flicks for next year, as let’s face it – there is nothing cooler than robots beating the shit out of each other.

Real Steel is scheduled to hit theaters on November 18th, 2011.

Source:  USA Today.

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