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An Absolutely Fantastic Q&A With PATTON OSWALT

I don’t often like to use this as just a link blog, but today I found a Q&A with writer/comedian/my personal hero Patton Oswalt which simply knocked me on my ass.

He’s long been someone who’s thoughts on comedy have intrigued and influenced my own, and I think this interview with GQ Magazine is a prime example of how eloquent and forward thinking Oswalt is.

So, by all means, click through to read about his opinions on the future of the comedic art form, how internet has changed the future of comedy, and even his thoughts on the NBC Thursday Night line up (echoing my thoughts on the series on right now).

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a really cool poster of his featured (seen above), which I’d love to own a copy of!

Click through, take 20 minutes, and really enjoy. It’s a heck of a read.

Source:  A Brief Conversation With Someone Smarter Than Us: The Q: GQ.