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Watchmen 2. Yes. Watchmen 2.

It was if a million nerds facepalmed, all at once.

Fresh off the newswire from my favorite comic news and rumors site, Bleeding Cool, comes word that the unfilmable comic which had a film, Watchmen, may soon be the unsequelable comic with many, many sequels.

Sound like comic creation heresy? You’re not far off base.

Alan Moore, the writer/co-creator of Watchmen, has wanted nothing to do with a sequel or continuation of the comic.  Dave Gibbons, the artist/co-creator? Again – wanted nothing to do with a sequel. And DC President Paul Levitz had personally banned any sequel or continuation of arguably the greatest graphic novel of all time.

So of course, now that Paul Levitz has walked away from his role of DC president, DC Comics Senior VP/Exec Editor Dan DiDio has decided “if it’s fixed, break it!” as he is looking into putting together a series of prequels and ongoing series, spinning off of Watchmen.

While I don’t doubt that there would be a huge influx of sales initially for this project – it still cheapens the original.  And apparently possible creators have been standoffish about taking on the project – but you know there are some who will take it on regardless.

Get ready for another classic to be ruined.

Source: Bleeding Cool Comic Book News and Rumors » Get Ready For Watchmen 2.