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Month: June 2009

First Images From Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND Will Scar Children

You may remember, a few months back, I posted an image of Johnny Depp’s apparent costume as the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s upcoming adaptation of Alice In Wonderland.

At the time, we were unsure if the image was real. Now…we know.

The three images above are the first official images from the March 5, 2010 release.

From left to right, we have Depp as the Mad Hatter, Burton’s muse Helana Bonham Carter as the (CG enhanced) Red Queen, and Anne Hathaway as you’ve never seen her before, as the White Queen.

What’s really cool, is USA Today, in premiering these images, also included 3D Panoramic images of concept art from different locations from the film.  I HIGHLY recommend clicking the link and checking that out.

Alice In Wonderland, directed by Tim Burton, is set to hit theaters on March 5, 2010 in 3D.

Original Post: First look: What a weird Wonderland Burtons made –


Man, just yesterday I shared with you the first stills from ZOMBIELAND, and today, they release the trailer!

I think we finally have the US response to Shaun of the Dead. Sure, the “purists” are going to complain about how the zombies are runners, but this looks like a can’t miss flick!

I hope the narration is a part of the final project, too. It really adds to the trailer.

ZOMBIELAND hits theaters on October 9th.

Wear The Face Of Optimus Prime!


…and do it without being a creepy serial killer, too!

Through some crazy, cryptic magic, you (with the help of a webcam, and the below website,, you can wear the face of Optimus Prime, and even Bumblebee!  I may be outspoken on my general indifference towards Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but this is flat out cool. (Yes, that’s me above.)

This is the latest in 3D immersion technology, which has been seen on baseball cards and magazine ads, but I think this has been the most accessible version yet, with Optimus’s mask being “worn” without any assistance, and Bumblebee’s being worn with just a printout.  Here’s a quick video of how it works.

Try it out for yourself, by clicking the link below.