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What Is PAUL? They’re Starting To Let Us Know!

Finally, after months of rumors and speculation, the next Simon Pegg/Nick Frost team up, the Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland) directed Paul is in production here in the US.

The plot thus far seems to be built around 2 British Geeks (played by Frost & Pegg, of course) who travel across the US and end up befriending a Space Alien, the titular Paul.

I’ve talked about it before here, but now the official site is up, and it seems that Pegg & Frost are following the lead of their colleague Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim coverage, by launching a site full of video blogs and exclusive pictures.

I’ve embedded the introductory video above, but be sure to click through to view photos that Simon took at rehearsals; a hysterical video as Pegg, Frost and co-star Kristen Wiig attempt to learn how to drive an RV; and a word from their co-star Joe Lo Truglio (The State) as he explains how Paul is going green.

I’m sure more interesting images and video will be coming soon, so I’ll keep an eye on the site and update you if/when something really stupendous hits the web.

Original Post: What is Paul?.