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Reminder: THE STRAIN Hits Shelves Tomorrow!


You know, it’s weird to be excited about a book that isn’t Harry Potter, for once.

But tomorrow, the much anticipated Vampire novella The Strain hits your local book retailer.  Written by one of Blast-O-Rama’s creative forces, Guillermo Del Toro, with assistance from Chuck Hogan.

Part one of a sure-to-be-exciting trilogy, The Strain is a book I featured here before, but I thought was worth mentioning again. I mean, really, does anyone need another Twilight book taking up a spot in the New York Times best sellers list?

If the concept of Del Toro writing a gritty, no-holds barred vampire book isn’t enough for you…how about a trailer? Maybe two?

I can’t recall another book series that has featured trailers before, but these two videos should have you nice and ready to read The Strain when it releases tomorrow, June 2nd.