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PONYO OF THE SEA has a Poster! And a shorter title!

Is there anything better than a new Studio Ghibli film?

I mean, really, aside from say Pixar, does any other studio scream immediate classic, any further?

Either way, the hype machine for Ponyo is officially on full tilt, as we now have the first teaser poster.  I like it, a nice understated image, with the english cast listed above.

But let’s really be honest, the teaser could be a crappy marker drawing on a wet paper bag, and I’d be there when Ponyo hits theaters in August.

Original Post: AICN has the one-sheet for Miyazaki’s PONYO, plus an exclusive still — Ain’t It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news..

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  1. Dethklokso Dethklokso May 5, 2009

    looks very ghibli-y. the title looks like the finding nemo title though. and the tagline is SUPER original. buuuut thats what happens when you give disney distribution rights

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