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Screw The News Story! I Want to Know More About The Photo!

Normally, I don’t pay any mind to the “random yokle in Backwoods, Wherever sees a holy image in a something” story that fills the Weird/Wacky section of news sites everywhere.

Then there was this one.

Mexican wrestlers Renegado and Mr. Tempest look at an image of what they believe is “Our Lady of Guadalupe” on a griddle at Las Palmas restaurant in Calexico, Calif. Manager Brenda Martinez says more than a hundred people have flocked to the restaurant to inspect the griddle.

My Friday has been made, kids.

Original Post: Holy pancakes! Virgin Mary seen on griddle – Weird news-

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  1. Dethklokso Dethklokso May 4, 2009

    i think that picture, and the situation it depicts. is one of the MAIN reasons we’ve yet to have been contacted by an alien race.

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