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A TV Edit So Bad, It’s Fantastic: SNAKES ON A PLANE

Routinely, for reasons of FCC regulations and timeslot locations, movies get cut up for their content.

This can be as easy as using alternate takes (if the director was smart enough), or as silly and difficult as overdubbing particularly vulgar lines.

Because of the way that these films are edited, some become so infamous for their changes that the TV Edit versions grow a fanbase all to their own.  Examples include the Mallrats TV edit (who got an actor who in no way sounds like Jay to dub his lines) and the TV edit of The Big Lebowski (“This is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps!”) amongst dozens of others.

It seems almost right that given it’s internet cult lineage that Snakes on a Plane should share this fate of terrible/awesome censorship.  And in turn, I’ve brought you the best example.

Remember at the end, when Samuel L. Jackson screams the line that the web wanted so badly, they added it in post? Remember the fury, the furvor over hearing him declare that simply, he was tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane?

It’s decidedly different now. Check it out above.

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  1. Dethklokso Dethklokso May 1, 2009

    monkey fighting? Monday to friday? WOW that even beats goodfellas

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