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The Batman’s New Clothes

Batman 2.0

As you may’ve heard by now, Batman, or at least Bruce Wayne, is “dead”.

Left in the era of Caveman by the evil Darkseid, Wayne obviously can’t continue behind the cape and cowl.  But Gotham needs a new champion of justice, and currently, it’s heroes are battling to take over the mantle.

Of course, with the comic industry being the way it is, we already know who wins.  The cape and cowl will be donned by former Robins Dick Grayson and Jason Todd in 2 drastically different Bat-titles.

Despite this new era of Batman, DC isn’t going the extra mile with these new comics…but that’s where Project Rooftop’s Batman 2.0 contest comes in.

Project Rooftop, in case you’re unfamiliar, is all about redesigning superheroes costumes.  So, given the current change with Batmen, it stands to reason they’d take on the classic look of the Dark Knight.

The Grand Prize winner is above, but I totally recommend you click through for some amazing interpretations of everyone’s favorite flying rat.

Original Post:  Project Rooftop.