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Create Your Own Donut, And Win $12K!


Here’s another great way to kill time on the internet.

Do you like donuts?

Do you like winning $12,000?

This is the site for you, as Dunkin Donuts is looking for YOU, yes, YOU to create their next big donut. Just mess around with some different controls, make your flavor combos, and submit it, and WHAM, you could win 12 grand and have your donut featured in shops across the country.

That donut up top is my creation.  I call it The Smore.  Marshmellow filling, chocolate frosting, and graham cracker bits.  Sounds tasty.

…and makes me sad it’s not real.

Think you can do better? Click the link below and get to going!

Original Post: Create Dunkin’s Next Donut: Home.

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  1. SPatron SPatron March 19, 2009

    That’s an awesome-looking donut, Marty. I’m a little sad, too.

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