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Month: March 2009


A very special, very late night (or early AM) BoR update…

I guess this year, 20th Century Fox is the April Fool, as over a month before release, X-Men Origins: Wolverine has leaked to the web in near DVD quality.

The version of the film, features temp effects and scoring, but otherwise is the same film that will be seen in theatres on May 2nd.

I can confirm first hand that the footage is out there, and is real.  Out of respect for 20th Century Fox, even with whatever bad words I may have said about them OR this film, I will not link to where it can be obtained…but it’s out there.

Someone is losing their job. Lawsuits are coming. It’s a dark day for everyone there, you’ve gotta believe.  Me? I’m just stunned.

Final STAR TREK Poster Is Blurry As Shit

As seen above, the final theatrical poster for the JJ Abrams helmed Star Trek reboot has hit MySpace exclusively.

And while I really appreciate the design aesthetic behind it, it’s a fucking mess.

While I can tell that it’s the USS Enterprise zooming in flight (and coming from a non-fan, that’s probably a good thing), is Joe 6-Pack going to be able to tell? Imagine if they did the posters more in the white+primary color look of the original teasers seen at SDCC this year. That would’ve been nice.

Either way, Star Trek hits theaters on May 8th.

Original Post: Blogs – Star Trek Final Theatrical One-Sheet Revealed Here First! – Trailer Park MySpace Blog.

A PAUL Update: Behold The Alien!

Simon Pegg/Nick Frost project, with 2 nerds traveling the country from Comic Con and beyond with an alien?

I was pretty hyped anyway, given that Pegg & Frost would be working with Greg Mattolla (director of Superbad and Adventureland), but now, this goes from “probably will see” to “totally going to see”, as rumored to be playing the titular Paul is…Bill Hader!

Hands down, Bill Hader has become my favorite part of SNL, and I’ve been really enjoying his appearances in the Apatow Family of films, so to see him with the Pegg/Frost duo is SUPER exciting.

Color me there, guys.