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Nick Fury: On Lock Down.

Rumors got pretty ugly earlier this year, when apparently, Samuel L. Jackson told the press that he was not going to be appearing as Nick Fury in Iron Man 2 due to Marvel being a bit…stingy with the cash.

This was seemingly underlined with Marvel Film’s reported offer of $250,000 to Oscar Best Actor-nom and guy with weird face, Mickey Rourke.

It started to look grim for the young Marvel Films, what with the Terrance Howard controversy and now these rumors of bizarre frugality.

Never the less, we can rest somewhat easy, as today Marvel Films announced a “long-term commitment” for Samuel L. Jackson to play Nick Fury in not one, not two but NINE separate films!

As someone who very much enjoys the joined continuity of these latest Marvel flicks, I think this might be the best decision they made since signing Downey to Iron Man a few years back.  Solid work, gang.

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