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Zombies + Vegas = DEAD RISING 2

Say what you will about the quirks of the original Dead Rising, there’s no denying that it was, hands down, one of the reasons why a lot of people bought an XBox 360.

So it shouldn’t come as a major surprise that Dead Rising 2 is due out this year.

What should be a surprise?  This time, instead of having the undead haunt your local mall…the zombies are goin’ rat pack style, and invading Las Vegas!

Is there really a better way to break up the monotony of the non-stop gambling in Sin City than by killing hundreds upon hundreds of the undead?  You’re goddamned right there isn’t.

Dead Rising 2 haunts the 360, PS3 and PCs later this year. Click the link for more screenshots of the new, BMX riding hero.

Original Post:Dead Rising 2: It’s Real And It’s Spectacular.