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Real Life Superheroes?

One of my delights every month is the latest issue of Rolling Stone. 

Aside from still relevant musical coverage (hear that, Pitchfork? it’s called integrity), every month, each issue is filled with facinating articles that have little to do with the music world, but still grab and keep the readers attention.

THIS is one of those articles.

Not too surprisngly, the topic grabbed me fast – Real Life Superheroes.  But this isn’t in the way of everyday police are heroes, or anything like that…these are real people who have considered themselves superheroes, and have the costumes (and twisted lives) to prove it.

As soon as I read it, I knew that I’d want to share it with you…and luckily, Rolling Stone put it up to day.

Kick your feet up, and enjoy the read.

Original Post: The Legend of Master Legend : Rolling Stone