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Survey Says…THE SPIRIT IS…


Nope, no wrong, decidedly NOT AWESOME, or so says this review posted over at AICN today.

In fact, THE SPIRIT might be so bad that it transcends awful, into hilarity.

We shall see on December 25th though, if it’s all true.

I mean, honestly, how can a movie with lines like “I’m Gonna Kill You All Kindsa Dead!” or “GET ME A TIE AND IT DAMN WELL BETTER BE RED!” be awful?

Oh. Very awful. My bad.

Original Link: Jondough Deems Frank Miller’s THE SPIRIT The Worst Movie He’s Ever Seen!!

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  1. dernjg dernjg December 15, 2008

    dern goes off in 3,2,1…
    Let me note this – that review was awful. Not the actual movie it’s reviewing, but the review itself.
    Some tips for those that would consider writing a movie review:
    If at any point you hit the word count feature to check how many words you’ve written to get to the start of your point, go ahead and hit delete, then start over.
    If you feel you HAVE to have those words in there to prove your bona fides to review a movie, walk away from reviewing. Your authority should come from your analysis, not from your resume.
    Show, don’t tell. As this reviewer seemed to be perplexed by what that means, perhaps some break-downs are in order. Instead of using the word bad in a steady drumbeat, perhaps you should cite examples of what was bad. From what I read, it was bad writing, bad delivery, bad set design, bad dialogue, bad costumes. He had a chance to compare and contrast this movie to Battlefield: Earth, which is a fun punching-bag of a bad movie. But never does he establish what the actors are doing wrong. Never does he accept that Miller was shooting for over-the-top silliness. And never does he even bother trying to compare this to The Spirit – you know, the source material.
    And after reading all of this, there’s no actual evidence that he saw the movie. This is all stuff that could have been gleaned from the previews.
    Really, it’s crap like this that makes me stay away from AICN most of the time. They tend to only get notice when they write a really bad review of over-bombastic proportions. I’m curious as to how many movies they’ve reviewed as Worst Movie Ever.

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