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McDonald’s Tells The Golden Arches to SUCK IT with “Quarter Pounder”

What if I told you that McDonald’s decided to do away with all of their kitchy advertising?

No more golden arches, no more stupid-ass clown.

Just burgers and that’s it.

Sound crazy?

Crazy enough for Japan, apparently, where they’re testing out a stand alone restaurant called Quarter Pounder, which features that, and not much else.

It’s the latest in the “anti-branding” craze over in the Nippon, and speaking from a strictly graphical standpoint, I like it.  And honestly, I enjoy a McD’s QP every so often, so to have it without the in my face advertising?  Let’s do this, Japan!

Original Post: Quarter Pounder, McDonald’s No-Brand Burger Japanese Joint | A Hamburger Today

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  1. Darren J. Gendron Darren J. Gendron November 11, 2008

    So basically they’re trying to rebrand themselves into what they were in the 1950s. Unfortunately, they’ve already been beaten to the punch by In ‘n’ Out Burger (if only they’d expand more).

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