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QuickPost Makes Blast-O-Rama More Blast-Tastic!

You probably noticed a far, far heavier post count today. than what you’ve seen in the past.

You might be asking: “Why?”, or more likely, you don’t care, but hey, let’s presume you do.

It’s all Ross Nover’s fault.  Or, more accurately, the fault of QuickPost, or as I’ve deemed it, the best WordPress plugin ever.

With it, I’m able to post almost instantaneously onto Blast-O-Rama, allowing me to share with almost shocking speed, whatever I’m nerding out about on the web.

As that was the main intent of this blog, it’s now better than ever.

If you think it’s a bit much…well, again, blame Ross.

Drop your thoughts on this, and well, any other story I post, in the comments.

Original Post: QuickPost WordPress Plugin


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  1. Rosscott Rosscott November 11, 2008

    That Ross. What a fucktard.

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