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Chuck: After the Super Bowl…IN 3D!

To help clean out the bad taste of the last post, how about some Chuck news?


Ok…Ok. I understand.

Well, I’m excited, anyway!

Here’s the deal.  Chuck, aka the best show you’re apparently not watching on Monday nights, gets to share the post-Super Bowl spot on February 1st with The Office.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to keep your TV on NBC after the two teams pummel each other for America’s affection, the episode will be in 3-D!!!

No word on the number of teenagers who will experience manhood upon the three-dimentional visage of Sarah.

Original Post: ‘Chuck’ gets 3-D, Super Bowl Boost – ComicMix news

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  1. Sean Sean November 10, 2008

    Chuck is the goddamned shit

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