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Month: October 2008

So About Those New Macs…

I know you’re probably wondering…

I’m popping back in with blogs…why haven’t I commented on Apple’s refresh of their notebooks, highlighted with the new MacBook and MacBookPro?

Well, strap yourself in, because here’s my no holds barred reaction.

I want to have sex with them.

Enjoy that mental image!

Thirst Quenchin’ Goodness Brought To You By Axl & The Gang

Ok, so by some people’s standards, we might be seeing the end of times.

The Stock Market is plumetting; depending on your political leanings, our next candidate might be the anti-christ; and a movie about freaking talking dogs is on top of the box office.

Get ready to throw some tinfoil on, as the Apocalypse might really be headed our way.

Why do I say this?


Not a hoax, not an imaginary story. After 15 years of delays, Axl’s magnum opus (which I’m willing to bet is a load of shit) is finally hitting shelves as a Best Buy exclusive on November 23rd.

I know, you’re saying to yourself…How do we know it’s real? Best Buy actually has listings for it on their website COMPLETE WITH TRACKLISTINGS AND ARTWORK! End of an era folks!

Some of my more net-savvy readers may remember earlier this year when Dr. Pepper as a publicity stunt offered Free D-Pep if Axl should release the long-delayed GNR followup this year.

In an amazing response from today’s corporate America, in a statment to, Dr. Pepper CONFIRMED they’re going to live up to their promise.

So sure, your stocks might be in the shitter, but remember this.  We’re finally getting a new Guns ‘N Roses album.  And some Dr. Pepper to wash the shitty aftertaste down.

Splattered Across the Web: New Star Trek

So you might remember earlier this year, when Paramount sent out promotional images of the upcoming GI JOE flick to all of the major movie sites.

Not too surprisingly, they’ve done the same today with the first images from JJ Abrams‘ relaunch of the Star Trek franchise.  Being the good net pal I am, I’ve scooped them all up and posted them in a gallery below.

Personally, I’m going to be coming into this flick as a strong non-fan of the Trek universe, but given the cast, I think I’ll walk away from the movie having enjoyed it.

What do you think?