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Because Tokyopop Can’t Say No…

No, this isn’t an imaginary universe, nor is that a bad photoshop.

Tokyopop, purveyors of fantastic contracts, are actually making a Ghostbusters Manga.

Granted, Manga is a japanese comic…and not a single thing related to this one-shot is japanese, and sure, this entire thing reeks of some marketing firms babbling about what ideas are hot with the kids these days (“HEY, KIDS LOVE THE 80’s!” “THEY ALSO LIKE DEM BIG EYED CARTOONS!”)…but really, is there a market that is foaming at the mouth for this?

Find out more about this possible soulless husk of a comic over at

One Comment

  1. Vicissitude Vicissitude July 10, 2008

    I’m… conflicted on how I feel about this. If they can capture the feel of the original 80s series, I’m all for it. The cover looks pretty badass, but pretty art doesn’t carry a series.

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