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Get Mad This Weekend!

After literally months of recommendations, I broke down and purchased the first season of Mad Men over the weekend.

While I’m only 3 episodes into the season, I can say the series has sunk it’s hooks into me, with it’s stylish 60’s look, powerful cinematography, and hypnotic writing.  Apparently AMC thinks it’ll only take one episode to get you hooked, and honestly, I’d agree.

So, thanks to those fine folks over at American Movie Classics, for totally free, here is the pilot episode of Mad Men.

If you dig it, the First Season is on store shelves now in DVD and Blu Ray formats, and Season 2 hits the airwaves on July 27th.

One Comment

  1. Rosie Rosie July 3, 2008

    I watched the first season when it aired, and I loved it! Can’t wait for season 2!! Yay.

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