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Month: July 2008


Hey gang, hope you don’t mind me passing this along, as well, I’ll sort of be MC-ing it.

Hope to see you all at the show!

Since ARTFIGHT took the Ottobar by storm on June 1st, people everywhere have been asking…when will the next battle rage across Charm City?

Worry not, dear fan, as ARTFIGHT upgrades to the next level and SUPERARTFIGHT takes The Ottobar to the next level on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH!

Here’s just a smattering of what you will see at The Ottobar, in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland on 9/20:

  • Preliminary Art Battle: Michael S. Bracco vs. Jamie Baldwin
    Both fighters are making their debut on the SuperArtFight stage on September 20th, with not just impressions to be made, but a grudge to be settled as well!  For these competitors, not only are they looking to work their way up the SuperArtFight rankings, but it’s also about SPAGHETTI! Michael S. Bracco, creator of the popular indie comics BIRTH and NOVO, has been making waves across Baltimore using the name SPAGHETTI KISS. Ironically enough, Jamie Baldwin, the first female art fighter and creator of the webcomic SUDDEN VALLEY, has been making HER name using the title SPAGHETTI KITTEN.  It’s pasta based KITTIES AND KISSES raging their way to the Ottobar stage, and ONLY ONE can be VICTORIOUS!
  • Preliminary Art Battle: Garth Graham vs. Chris Impink
    This is one for the ages, folks!  Two Virginia based webcomickers are making their way to Baltimore on September 20th with something to prove!  For Garth Graham, creator of Comedity, it’s to show that his artistic victory at Katsucon 2007’s Iron Artist competition was NO FLUKE! For Chris Impink, artist of Fragile Gravity, it’s to take back the creative crown that was his in the first place, as founder of the Iron Artist Competion, and to rise to the top of SuperArtFight!  The Battle for the “Old Dominion” is on, and it’s only one place–SUPERARTFIGHT: ROUND ONE!
  • Main Event Battle: Jami “AngryZenMaster” Noguchi vs. Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz
    Ever since ARTFIGHT’s debut at the Ottobar on June 1st, people have clamored for a victory…and on September 20th, we’re going to give it to you.  After battling to a draw this past June, AngryZenMaster and Ghostfreehood will go toe to toe in the main-event of SuperArtFight: Round One.  While the other competitors have 30 minutes to battle in free form, these gentlemen will compete using the main event rules….5 rounds, artistic topics chosen by YOU, the fans…ONLY ONE HAND WILL BE RAISED IN VICTORY.  Be there for the carnage.

If these 3 bouts weren’t enough, SuperArtFight: Round One will also feature performances from not one, but two bands (to be announced on in the month of August), a set from DJ Sheephead of The Megadrives, as well as a variety of local art vendors, including the six competitors mentioned above.

Tickets are available now at, for just $10!

SuperArtFight: Round One
Saturday, September 20th 2008
The Ottobar: Baltimore, Maryland
Doors at 9pm, Show starts at 10pm
For Tickets and Directions, visit or

Leaked Comic Con Trailers Ahoy!

Thanks to my friend and yours,, here’s a bunch of leaked trailers STRAIGHT off the floor of San Diego Comic Con…

Including….X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which is in 2 parts…beware the screaming Gambit fangirls), TR2N, and Pixar’s Up!

Battle Of Two Set Lists: Rock Band 2 vs. Guitar Hero 4

While I cannot confirm the setlists 100% for either game, song listings have appeared for both Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero 4 (now called Guitar Hero: World Tour).

Both games look to really expand the catalog for the music game genre, and what’s made it even better for a hardcore music gamer like myself, is the announcement that Rock Band’s instruments will work for BOTH new titles (meaning I only need to shell out for the disc, and not another living room’s worth of fake instruments).

Without further adieu, the full tracklistings…this fall, who will YOU choose?