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R.I.P. George Carlin

As I’d imagine you’ve heard, George Carlin passed yesterday evening at the age of 71. While I’m sure that many sites will eulogize the man far better than I, I figured I should write something on the site here, even if it’s brief.

I’m sad to say that in the case of Carlin, my introduction to him was not via his standup, but rather his appearance in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure as Rufus.  Once I did discover his standup, and later his books like Brain Droppings, my mind was blown.

A lot of people enjoy describing Carlin as like a deranged uncle, I like to look at him as the man who made vulgarity intelligent.  There will never be another comedian as risk taking as he, nor as envelope pushing, but in his death, may we remember one thing from his life.

He stayed true to himself and his beliefs until his last breath, and if more people in this would could do the same, the world would be a much better place for it.  Godspeed, George.