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Mike Myers: Crazy or Genius?

If I had to arrange a list of favorite films of all time, 1992’s Wayne’s World would have to reign near the top.  Smartly written, quotable, and just a fun watch, it’s just a great movie to get wrapped up in.

Unfortunately, it’s this film that may have created a monster, depending on who you ask.

I’ve long heard rumors over the years that Mike Myers is one of the most difficult people to work for in Hollywood, and this profile piece at really doesn’t do him any favors.  However, as a biography nerd, it’s a very interesting read.

The piece does pose the question…are the eccentricities and difficulties of most highly-developed people worth the final product?  Keep this in mind while reading the article: The Love Guru, hyped as Myers big return to film, premiered in 4th place to a disappointing $14 Million.