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Month: June 2008

Wall-E, A Review In Brief.

This past Friday night, I had the fantastic opportunity to take in the latest film from Pixar, Wall-E.

2 hours later, my jaw was dropped, my heart a flutter, and I was in awe of the latest creation from the talented team in Cupertino.

To say this is their grand opus would be an understatement.  I honestly believe this is the best Pixar creation thus far (my sentimental favorite remains The Incredibles, but this could change over time), and it leaves you amazed by it’s seamless mix of beautiful animation, an amazing score, well planned plotting, and thought provoking plot.

I know we’re just weeks from what some people are calling the “Godfather II of Comic Book Films” in The Dark Knight, but I honestly have no idea if any movie this year will be able to touch the tale of a robot with one flaw…a personality.

Highest possible recommendation. See it. Now.

Bond Is Back!

That’s right, the first trailer for the 2nd Daniel Craig Bond flick hit the web today…

…so without further adieu, enjoy the first peek at Quantum of Soliace!

Oooh. Looks good. Considering how much I loved Casino Royale, I am amped for this!

Is Hall Next?

This is the strangest story I’ve ever read.

So much so, that I had to read, and RE-READ the story, then check the calendar to make sure today wasn’t April 1st.

I give you….J-STACHE, the animated adventures of John Oates and his mustache!


Here’s just a sampling of a plot…

It will portray Oates opening a new wing of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that focuses on mustachioed musicians.

Suddenly, a dying David Crosby appears and with his last breath warns Oates of a mysterious secret group of mustache wearers bent on killing other mustache wearers. As actor Tom Selleck attempts to escape from the latest murder scene, Oates summons his own mustache with a fist pump that simultaneously changes his clothes from conservative attire to pink pants and white boots.

Check out the story over at for the full details, but seriously…WHAT THE HELL?