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Movie Trailer Friday: May 30, 2008

So I’ve decided on a new recurring feature every Friday here at DoS. Thanks to and their embeddable movie trailers, I’ll feature 3 trailers worth checking out.

Hope you enjoy.

First up is the red band trailer for the forthcoming Coen Brothers movie Burn After Reading. Looks like another fun farce by the Brothers Coen. Note the NSFW language. And have I mentioned how much I love J.K. Simmons?

Up next, the red band trailer for Step Brothers! Once again, the language is NSFW, but it’s good to see what could potentially be a fine Farrell comedy, after his run of half baked flicks.

Finally, the international trailer for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. I have one word for you…YETI.



  1. kaleigh kaleigh June 2, 2008

    when’s burn after reading slated for release?

  2. Marty Marty June 2, 2008

    According to Wikipedia, Sept 12, 2008.

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