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My Poor Shirt Drawer OR Ad-Venture-ous Shirts!


Yeah, I had to go for the pun.

Just announced today over at Jackson Publick’s livejournal, just in time for the Season 3 premiere of The Venture Brothers, comes one of the coolest ideas ever in the history of TV/cartoon related merch.

I give you….The Venture Brothers Shirt Of The Week Club!

Every week, following the premiere of the latest episode of The Venture Brothers, Astrobase Go! will put a t-shirt on sale, with a design related to that weeks episode, for $22, including shipping.

The first design is up now (a sweet design for the Guild of Calamitous Intent), and there will be one for each episode of Season 3, 13 shirts total.

Are you a huge Venture fan?  Astrobase has you covered, as they’re offering a 13 shirt subscription (along with an exclusive Brock Samson Blood Judo shirt) for the low low price of $250.

Me?  I think I’ll grab one or two as they appear.  Although, the potential for eBay sales is great…hmm…anyone want to go in on a subscription?