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From the What Could’ve Been Department, artist Cliff Chiang reveals these fantastic sketches from a lost pitch for a Japanese influenced Justice League title.

Says Cliff:

Similar to Grant Morrison’s ideas for Super Young Team, I imagined that the DC universe had a band of Japanese superheroes inspired by their original Western counterparts. It’s basically a mix of DC, old school anime and kaiju. This got a tiny bit of interest around the offices (this was a year prior to the Marvel Mangaverse) but it never went anywhere because they already had Chris Moeller’s giant robot Justice League book in the works.

Personally, I really love the Battle of the Planets feel, and the Gigantor styled Superman. SO awesome.


  1. Ghostfreehood! Ghostfreehood! May 19, 2008

    These designs make me want to give up on life.
    They are so damn cool.
    I want so much more.

  2. Angry Zen Master Angry Zen Master May 20, 2008

    Go BAT! I love Gatchaman Robin. Looks so much more bad ass. And definitely love the Gigantor version of Supes. They should have done it.

  3. Brian Brian May 21, 2008

    Yeah, this is one of those things that should HAPPEN ANYWAY! Someone at DC needs to get crackin’ on this thing PRONTO.

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