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Is THIS Ramona Flowers?


As you know, we (me?) here at Blast-O-Rama are very excited for the forthcoming adaptation of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World by uber-geek director Edgar Wright.

And now it looks like we can confirm ANOTHER cast member. We knew earlier this year that Michael Cera would be wearing the messy hair and battling evil ex-boyfriends as Scott Pilgrim, but now it looks like Scott’s love interest has been cast.

Taking the role of the American delivery girl who has turned Scott’s canadian world upside down?

According to /film, it’s going to be….Mary Elizabeth Winstead. You may remember her as Lucy McClaine in Live Free or Die Hard, Lee the Cheerleader from Death Proof, or the villainess in Sky High. Me, I remember her as being cute as a button.

Looking good, Wright! Looking good!


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  1. Rosscott Rosscott January 17, 2009

    I’d hit it.

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