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A Tale Of 2 Iron Man Posters

Today Paramount unveiled the final Iron Man theatrical posters for both the US and International markets.  The part that’s bizarre is that they’re both very similar, yet have slight differences.

Here’s the US Poster First…


Then you have the international version…


Now, while both suffer from floating head syndrome, I overall find that the US poster has a far better layout.  What’s bizarre is why they chose the different layouts, and why certain elements aren’t in both…why does the US version have no helicopters? Why are the bodies more noticeable in the international version?  What does that say about our cultures?

Which do you like? Personally, I dig the design of the US one more, and look forward to it being a DVD cover.


  1. Angry Zen Master Angry Zen Master March 7, 2008

    I actually think both lack the punch that the previous promo material had. Show too much syndrome for me. Plus the floaty heads. I really hate to say it because I hated it so much, but I actually thought the Transformers posters were much more dramatic.

    Still, meh posters will not prevent me from seeing this sexy beast opening night and multiple times there after!

  2. Marty Day Marty Day March 7, 2008

    I can say this…the posters have done something I thought impossible for some time. They made Gwenyth Paltrow look HOT.

  3. Marty Day Marty Day March 7, 2008

    By the by, are you thinking what I’m thinking? DC Based nerd gathering to check out Iron Man at the Uptown?

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