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Monthly Music Mix: March 2008

Straight from my ears to yours, for March 2008–It’s the Blast-O-Rama Monthly Music Mix!

March 2008’s mix is 14 tracks, running just about an hour.

Click the graphic to go straight to the download, or click the break for a full track listing.


  • “Video Tapez” (feat. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien) by AmpLive
  • “February” by The Appleseed Cast
  • “Farewell To The Pressure Kids” by Kevin Drew
  • “Red Sock Pugie” by Foals
  • “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem
  • “Lipstick” by Lemuria
  • “Comin’ In Hot With A Side Of Bacon” by Look Mexico
  • “Fuego!” by Murder By Death
  • “AFK” by Pinback
  • “Pulled Up” by Talking Heads
  • “A Rat’s Nest” by Thom Yorke
  • “#2” by Tulsa
  • “Wolf Like Me” by TV on the Radio
  • “2080” by Yeasayer


  1. Brian Brian March 2, 2008

    There’s a lot I’ve learned about you from this. For instance, I’ve now learned that with the exception of the Talking Heads, your taste in music does not overlap with mine even remotely. That’s not a bad thing at all, in fact it’s a great thing. It just also happens to be very, very true.

  2. Marty Day Marty Day March 3, 2008

    Firstly, thanks for checking out the mix, Brian.

    I’ll say this though…my tastes really vary. So while you may have only liked one track today, I can’t say that’ll be the same next month….

  3. Brian Brian March 3, 2008

    It should also be noted, however, that my taste in music seem firmly rooted in the mid 80’s to late 90’s, and any current sound that emulates that. Some newfangled indy stuff I REALLY like, but a lot of it’s just too hipster and ‘hey aren’t I different’ sounding to me. Again, this is a good thing. I’d hate to torture others with some of the stuff I like, and it’s new and different sounds that are the impetus for change within music trends. Some of it’s just not for me to enjoy.

    That said, I will in all probability continue to grab what you’re giving to give it a shot. I’m partcularly picky in a lot of areas whtere ‘taste’ is concerned, but I do pride myself in that I’ll TRY anything. There’s no guarantee I’ll like it though. I’m old and curmudgeonly like that.

  4. brant brant April 6, 2008

    I prefer reading this kind of information when I’m alone in the room, so no one would see an expression on my face. It’s disgusting! I don’t believe a single grose word about it!

  5. nathan007 nathan007 April 9, 2008

    oh man what are you all doing? It seems like the only thing you do is writing comments. Don’t be crazy!

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