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New X-Men Origins:Wolverine Pic!

After all the fun announcements last week of new cast members, we now have a new image from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Thanks to Empire Magazine (by way of Cinematical) for the pic…


Between this, and the prior image, here’s what I’ve gathered of the plot arc…

  • Still angry.
  • Still sharp.
  • Still in a dark room.

This movie just gets MORE AND MORE INTERESTING!


  1. OmegaSarge OmegaSarge April 6, 2008

    It sounds good, I love the simplicity. Your posts are easy as a pie and really attractive at the same time.

  2. krizalid_01 krizalid_01 April 9, 2008

    Sounds great! Your blog is one of my most favorite now ;). You have hit the nail on the head, just like you always do.

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