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So the first image from X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit the web today, let’s check it out…


From this we can tell:

  • It features Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)
  • He’s Angry.

Alright!  Sounds enthralling.  I presume we’ll find out a whole bunch more between now and Origins‘ May 1st, 2009 release date. Or not?


  1. kaleigh kaleigh February 14, 2008

    i hope one of the details they let us know about soon is that brett ratner’s dirty little hands won’t be anywhere near this picture.

  2. Marty Day Marty Day February 14, 2008

    Luckily(?), Ratner isn’t directing the flick, although I didn’t mind X3 to be totally honest.

    Instead, Origins is being directed by Gavin Hood, who’s biggest movie is the Reese Witherspoon/Jake Gyllenhaal thriller Rendition…I never saw it, so I have no idea if this is a good thing.

    On the possibly not so good side, the script is by David Benioff, who gave us The Kite Runner, The 25th Hour, and the-bored-me-to-tears-so-i-don’t-know-why-so-many-people-liked-it flick Troy.

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