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Bat-Anime? HELLS YEAH.


One of the more interesting projects coming out of the new Warner Brothers Animation studio has been their series of DC movies. Thus far, Superman: Doomsday kinda sucked, but Justice League: The New Frontier was pretty great.

However, it’s their next project that looks the most interesting…Batman: Gotham Knight.


In the vein of The Animatrix before it, the direct to DVD feature combines a handful of japanese animation studios (including Production IG, Studio MadHouse, and Studio 4°C), and allows them to present their own unique interpretation of the Dark Knight.

On the DVD of Justice League: The New Frontier, there’s an early look at the project, and it looks fan-freaking-tastic. I’ve embedded it below.

Batman: Gotham Knight should hit stores in June, around the release of The Dark Knight. Color me very excited (I think that’s a shade of mauve).