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Watching the Commercial Bowl…


I’ll be back later with youtubes of my favorite ads, but I had to post…The fucking ARCADE FIRE were used in a video package just now. “No Cars Go” to be accurate. That’s right, scenester kids. Fox will get a hold of EVERYTHING you love. 🙂

Retraction time, kids. According to this article posted today on Pitchfork, The Arcade Fire had ZERO to do with their own music appearing on arguably the biggest TV program of the year.

Nothing is said about those wacky Canadians and/or their label Merge Records making a move towards say, legal proceedings, but let’s be honest, 90 million people had a song played for them, and it wasn’t even cleared. At least someone’s going to lose a job over this.

(Thanks, Kaleigh, for the heads up.)

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  1. Amanda Amanda February 3, 2008

    I noticed that!! I told everyone I was with, however they did not care, seeing as how they were all older. 🙁 You cared for this random comment, I know.

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