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William Hurt’s Got A Hulk-Related Secret


So, we’ve all oogled and awed over the trailer for this May’s Iron Man flick, and I think I can safely say that with Ed Norton in the main role (plus the CGI tests looking good, as seen above), my excitement level for The Incredible Hulk is starting to get up there.

However, after reading this lil’ sliver of a spoiler about a very interesting connection between the two flicks, as mentioned by William Hurt to MTV...we are at Geek Level Omega.

Don’t Click To Read On If You Don’t Want Minor Spoilers!

I’m sure you heard the rumors earlier this year about Samuel L. Jackson appearing as Nick Fury in both Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk to start creating a shared universe, to possibly be explored in a future Avengers flick.

It looks like it’s been stepped up quite a bit, as Robert Downey Jr. will be making a cameo in The Incredible Hulk in the full red & gold armor!

Here’s what Willie Hurt had to say about it…

“I don’t know how it’ll work,” Hurt admitted, saying it was a thrill to appear as General Thaddeus Ross during Downey’s scene. “I know it’s weird [to work with a character from another movie], and to know it’s a device. We did something; I don’t know what that’s going to be like [to watch].”

Ok, so he gives us next to nothing, and almost sounds like he’s a bit confused, but hey, the Movie Marvel U is coming together! Up next: Tobey McGuire gets bitchslapped by Michael Chiklis in Fantastic Four 3.


  1. Rosie Rosie February 1, 2008

    I’ve never watched Heroes but I have a question for you: Why do you think it has become such a career saver for alums of WB shows like Veronica Mars/ Gilmore Girls, etc.? Is the show just so well written that any actor worth half a pitcher of warm spit is gonna do well in it? Or is there something about the show that translates well for the “trying to appeal to the young/hip while still being taken seriously” crowd?

  2. Marty Day Marty Day February 1, 2008

    Honestly, I think it’s because a lot of the staff from those shows ended up working on Heroes…same producers, writers, etc.

    The only exception to that I can think of is Kristen Bell, who I’m 99% sure they nabbed for the raving fanboy demographic.

    …and it’s worked, at least for me (and I’ve never seen Veronica Mars)

  3. Jason Jason April 3, 2008

    stop saying grose things about this! It’s your terrible way of thinking! Normal people don’t care about stuff like that

  4. tick01 tick01 April 6, 2008

    Well I’m confused. I don’t know what’s the problem here. What’s wrong. At first I thought it looked really smart, but I’m not sure any more

  5. Dion Dion April 9, 2008

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