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Jennifer Lee & Pete Docter Take The Reigns at Disney and Pixar

Following the report earlier this month that John Lasseter will officially depart from Pixar and The Walt Disney Company at the end of the year, Walt Disney Studios has announced that Jennifer Lee has been named Chief Creative Officer for Walt Disney Animation Studios and that Pete Docter has been named Chief Creative Officer, Pixar Animation Studios.

Honestly, these are perfect choices.

Lee has been a rising star at Disney, and is a key, prominent woman in power at a time where Disney could use a strong woman in management. She worked on Wreck-It RalphFrozen, Zootopia, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and is currently directing Frozen 2.

Docter has been a part of Pixar from day one, and is responsible for three of the best animated films of the past 20 years in Monsters Inc.Up, and Inside Out.

I am confident that these two leads will continue the strong run of films coming from each studio, and I’m excited to see how they innovate moving forward.


Hollywood Reporter:

Alex Kurtzman is staying in business with CBS Television Studios.

The exec producer behind CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery has renewed his overall deal with CBS Television Studios, signing a massive five-year extension with the studio behind the drama. The new agreement keeps Kurtzman, whose deal was up this year, with the studio through 2023. Sources say the deal is estimated at $5 million per year as Kurtzman receives a sizable back end on his programming.

Under the new pact, Kurtzman will serve as the show’s lone showrunner after taking over Star Trek: Discovery from Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg, who were recently fired from the series. Kurtzman will also expand the Star Trek franchise for the small screen, developing new series, miniseries and other content, including animation.

Blah, blah, blah. TV producer development talk.

The new deal comes as rumblings about another Star Trek series, featuring Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, have been heating up. Sources say Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman, who left Discovery after season one, are attached to the Stewart-led reboot. CBS TV Studios declined to confirm the Stewart project as sources say a deal is far from completed and may not happen despite the fact that the actor recently teased his potential return to the franchise.


still not enough to make me get a cbs all-access pass though

INVINCIBLE Heads to Amazon As An Animated Series

Hollywood Reporter:

Nearly a year after moving his overall deal from AMC to Amazon Studios, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has lined up his first new series under the pact and it’s a familiar one.Amazon Studios has handed out a straight-to-series order for an hourlong animated take on Invincible, based on Kirkman’s recently concluded comic book of the same name.

Of note – the Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg written and produced film version is still progressing.

Interesting to see an hour long animated series coming from Amazon.

Anchor Brings User-Friendly Podcast Editing to the iPad


If you’ve ever used Anchor to make a podcast, you know just how easy it is. That ease of use, however, has historically meant sacrificing any access to editing tools that most podcasters need. Today that changes, however, as Anchor is introducing basic editing tools as part of the debut of its iPad app.

Anchor for iPad resembles its iPhone counterpart in most ways: the basic recording workflows and tools are all available here, so existing Anchor users won’t have any trouble navigating the app. One major change is that the iPad version loses access to the full database of Anchor podcasts for listening. While I’d prefer the iPad app retain full functionality from the iPhone, the message behind this move is clear: the iPad app is all about content creation, not consumption.

Pretty slick!

I’d heard that Ferrite is the Podcast-editing app for pros, but this seems like an easy, low-effort way to bring editing to the masses.

And like so, the need for a full computer gets smaller and smaller.

#FastFoodArmsRace: McDonald’s Canada Releases World Taste Tour Menu

Chew Boom:

McDonald’s adds a touch of international flavor flair to the menu with the introduction of the new Chinese Szechuan Burger at participating locations in Canada.

The new burger is being introduced as part of the brand’s “World Taste Tour” menu which includes five new limited-time items rolling out in a staggered release starting today.

The full list of new items and the regions they represent…

  • Chinese Szechuan Burger (China)
  • Mexican Bacon Queso More-Ning McWrap (Mexico)
  • Italian Pesto Chicken Sandwich (Italy)
  • Aussie BBQ & Egg Burger (Australia)
  • French Crème Brûlée McFlurry (France)

I’d fuck with that McFlurry.