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New Netflix Anime Series, AGGRETSUKO

Why am I sharing this?

Because – when you think about it – we’re all office worker red pandas who long to sing death metal at karaoke at night.

Universal FanCon ‘Indefinitely Postponed’ A Week Before The Show

The Beat:

Just a week from its scheduled April 27-29th dates at the Baltimore Convention Center, Universal Fan Con has been postponed indefinitely, as confirmed in a tweet.

So, uh – I, along with Super Art Fight, were scheduled to be guests at this show.

For whatever it’s worth, we haven’t had anything communicated directly to us yet. In turn, I’ll wait and see how they handle this.

But right now, so far…people are very confused, sad and angry. And the communication from the convention…or lack thereof…isn’t helping.

Shame – they had a great mission and focus.

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Canceled After 3 Seasons

The Wrap:

Starz has canceled the horror-comedy series “Ash vs. Evil Dead” after three seasons, the network announced on Friday.

The upcoming season 3 finale, set to air Sunday, April 29, will now serve as the series finale.

Bummer. While I’ve yet to see the series myself – I don’t have a Starz subscription – everything I’ve heard is that it was incredibly faithful to the films which came before it.

Baltimore Magazine Covers…The Hot Dog Race

Baltimore Magazine:

While the Orioles on-the-field performance this season has elicited plenty of anxiety, regulars of Camden Yards are also wondering about another lackluster performer: mustard.

One of three condiments that competes in an animated video after the second inning of every Orioles home game, mustard has yet to cross the finish line before ketchup or relish in 2018.

Always entertaining, the Hot Dog Race is the best game being played in Camden Yards this season.

Glad to see this video screen favorite getting some love.

Netflix Embraces The Scourge of Vertical Video


Netflix is taking a page from social networks with a new feature that will let users watch TV and movie previews in vertical-video orientation on their mobile phones.

The 30-second mobile previews are presented in a slideshow format with circular thumbnails, very much like the presentation of Snapchat and Instagram Stories. As with the popular “stories” video format, users can tap the screen to play the preview or swipe to advance to the next preview. If you see something you like, you can add it to your watchlist directly from the video screen.

The mobile previews are available starting Thursday in Netflix’s iOS app, and will be “coming soon to Android,” the company said.

The point? It’s another addition to Netflix’s content-discovery toolkit, designed to suck viewers into the Netflix programming catalog. Astutely, Netflix is adopting the concept of swipe-able, vertical videos, which presumably many people already know how to interact with.


I recognize I’m going full “Old Man Yells At Cloud” here, but seriously gang – taking horizontal content and reformatting it to a vertical format for engagement and discovery purposes sure is frustrating. At least when you go to watch the content, it’s as intended, but…for how long?

It’s almost as egregious as HBO using the wrong aspect ratio to “fill your screen”.

We can do better, guys. Original format or nothing.