Daft Punk Goes Retro To Sell You Their ‘Instant Classic’ New Shirt

Daft Punk T-Shirt Ad

Finally getting the idea, the French musical genius robots known as Daft Punk have given in and are merchandising their iconic look.

Releasing what I believe to be their first official t-shirt ever – if not just their first official t-shirt in years – DaftPunk.com updated today with the awesome retro-styled ad celebrating their brand new Split Helmet tee, available here.

The shirt certainly is rad, with the now iconic Random Access Memories artwork. However, it’s FORTY GODDAMNED DOLLARS.

Thanks, but no thanks, Robots.

Disney Teams With Mondo For ‘Nothing’s Impossible’ Art Show


In what must be one of those dream pairings, Disney will be teaming up with movie poster mavens Mondo for an exclusive gallery show at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX, to run over SXSW (March 7th-11th, to be exact).

Disney’s own Oh My Disney blog and Wired have full galleries showcasing the posters to be on display, including art from many Mondo favorites, including my personal favorite, the awesome Wall-E piece from Kevin Tong (pictured above).

If you’re in Austin, you definitely need to see this live and in person.

Toy Fair 2014: LEGO Reveals Ghostbusters Set


The latest LEGO CUUSOO success story, the first ever official Ghostbusters building set has officially been revealed by the brickmakers.

Featuring a fantastic model of ECTO-1, plus mini-figures of all four Ghostbusters, this is going to be an absolute must have when it hits shelves this Summer.

I know for sure I’ll be getting one, if just because it’ll look great next to my LEGO DeLorean.

Toy Fair 2014: DC Collectibles Goes Big On The Bat

I remember when DC Collectibles couldn’t legally produce Batman merchandise.

Now, years later, it looks like 2014 is going to go huge on Batman, based off of the Toy Fair 2014 preview they released today, which includes figures based on Greg Capullo’s designs from the current Batman comic, Dustin Nguyen’s Batman: Lil’ Gotham, the forthcoming direct-to-video Son of Batman, and most excitingly, the Batman animated series from the 1990s.

love the look of the Batman figure from the animated line (above). Now, enough to spend $25? We’ll see.

Toy Fair 2014: Hasbro Unveils ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Figures

hasbro guardians

Of all places, Yahoo! has received the exclusive reveal of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends figures for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Featuring well sculpted versions of Gamora, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax and Groot, collectors are sure to go crazy when they come out this Summer.

Expect a full unveiling of the Guardians toy line this weekend at the International Toy Fair.