Funko Launches ‘Game Of Thrones’ Action Figure Line

Just in time for the February 18th release of the third season on DVD/Blu-Ray, vinyl figure producers Funko! have announced their first proper action figure line, celebrating Game of Thrones.

Being produced alongside their Super 7 collaboration of Retro figures, the 6″ figure line includes figures of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, The Hound, Tyrion Lannister, Ned Stark and a White Walker.

Expect many more Funko Legacy figures to be revealed at Toy Fair this weekend from a multitude of properties, including a second series of Game of Thrones figures.

‘Fight Club 2′ Gets Cut Into (Matt) Fractions

fight club

When the word broke that the sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s landmark novel Fight Club would be a graphic novel, I have to admit – I rolled my eyes.

However, a new update from Palahniuk’s official fan-site, The Cult made it sound more interesting.

Apparently, Fight Club 2 (as it’s currently titled) will not only be seven parts, but he’s also seeking the assistance of comic writer Matt Fraction – he of Hawkeye and Sex Criminals fame.

Could be interesting. More on this as it develops.

‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Chooses Its Director and Writers

Choose Your Own Adventure

On paper, a Choose Your Own Adventure film sounds awful.

But then, with the right talent, it becomes an interesting affair.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Dodgeball and We’re The Millers director Rawson Marshall Thurber is attached to the film adaptation of the reader-selected-storytelling series, and the script will be put together by The State‘s own Tom Lennon and Ben Garant.

This doesn’t confirm excellence – Lennon and Garant, while being incredible comic minds, also know how to produce scripts for less than stellar – but incredibly marketable – films such as the Night at the Museum franchise. But with a combination of comedic minds like this, I’m at least intrigued to see the final product.

It’s An Adorable ‘Game Of Thrones’, With Funko Mystery Minis

funko game of thrones mystery vinyl

The latest in their line of blind-boxed Mystery Minis (following in the footsteps of DC Comics and The Walking Dead), Funko has announced the release of their Game of Thrones line on February 15th.

Based more on the HBO series, the figures are some fantastically simplified re-designs of the cast, including dragons and direwolves.

I may need to pick some of these up.

All He Needs Is Kill: ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer

Marking Tom Cruise’s latest adventure in the world of Sci-Fi, the Doug Liman directed Edge of Tomorrow has its first trailer.

Also starring Emily Blunt (in a performance, based on this trailer alone, I feel like I’d rather see more of), Edge of Tomorrow is sort of a Groundhog Day of war, based on the Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill.

The movie looks pretty good as a trailer, but so did Oblivion. Perhaps this will fare better? We’ll know for sure on June 6th.