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Daring Fireball: ‘The End of Third-Party Twitter Clients’

Daring Fireball:

This antipathy to third-party clients is especially confounding considering that Twitter recently dropped support for their own native Mac client. As far as I’m aware, once this comes to pass next month, there will be no way to receive notifications of Twitter DMs on a Mac. None. (Twitter’s website doesn’t even support Safari’s desktop notification feature.) That’s just wacky.

Twitter management obviously wants to steer people to their first-party mobile app and desktop website. I get that. But they already have that: the overwhelming number of Twitter users use exactly those products to access the service. What Twitter management seems to be missing is that many of its most influential users — including yours truly, yes — have been on the platform a long time and have a high tendency to be among those who not just use, but depend upon third-party clients.

Can’t say I don’t agree with the esteemed John Gruber on this. I’ve been on Twitter for 11 years. I met my wife on it. I made many friends on it.

But this is really just adding to my personal entropy towards social media. Don’t fuck this up, Twitter.