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New PUNISHER Trailer Reveals Guns, Gore, Metallica and Its Netflix Release Date!

While not the all-out success that the Marvel Studios films have been, the smaller scale “Defenders” universe hitting screens via Netflix has been a real joy.

Sure, not everything worked (looking at you, Iron Fist), but generally, the mixture of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and that glow-y fist dude has worked out great, both for the streaming network and the iconic comic book company.

The first post-Defenders series hits Netflix this Fall, and with a brand new trailer released this morning (below), we not only know how rad Jon Berenthal’s solo run as the Punisher looks to be, but we have a release date too: November 17th, pitting the latest Marvel TV adventure right up against DC/Warner Bros’ Justice League in theaters.

The trailer is really effective, whether it’s the use of Metallica’s “One”, or the general gloominess of Berenthal’s version of the violent Marvel anti-hero, and it definitely looks like Netflix has another hit on their hands.

What say you?

The Punisher arrives on Netflix on November 17, 2017.